Collection: Genius is Common

"The Genius is CommonTM Movement is about tearing down the Berlin Wall of the word genius." Be inspired - Be engaged - Be empowered...

“Genius is CommonTM” means that all beings have a genius in them. Genius manifests itself through each being’s own unique way of expressing their passion, be it their profession, their art, or their talent.

A woman from the inner city who knows how to micro braid hair like Picasso painted that's her talent, her skill, and her genius.

Positioned to become a part of the American lexicon like Nike’s “Just Do It” and Sprite’s “Obey your thirst,” “Genius is CommonTM” in just a few words levels the playing field of who is traditionally thought to be a genius.

-Bruce George, Founder of the Genius is Common Movement, Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam on HBO.