Black Women's Mental Health

Black Women's Mental Health

Dear Black Woman,

Mental health is being talked about more in our community, and that's a good thing. We as a collective have become proficient in recognizing problems. We're even good at proffering anecdotal solutions. However, too many of us are not applying good mental health strategies in our daily life.

With our usual sass, we can post a good meme. "Protecting my peace" , and other such quotes. But, are you really winning the war going on between your ears?
Lately the topic of motivation versus inspiration has come up for me. Motivation is often a fleeting emotion and inspiration leads to actionable steps. Again good conceptually. However; we have to go beyond these sayings and seek professional help when warranted. We must create places in our community where it's okay, not to be okay. Unconditional acceptance and resources are true empowerment.

Sis this is your sign to get help. No more going it alone.

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